Design Your Action Plan To Lose Weight Online Diet

In this article I propose 7 steps to design your action plan to lose weight as soon as possible.
There are days when you wake up with all the strength in the world and decide “today I start the diet and go for a run because I want to lose weight.” But that push you had when you woke up, is lost as the hours go by and that today becomes tomorrow, in the past …
So, if what you want is to lose weight , take a pen and paper and design your strategy to achieve it. . First of all, what you have to do is set a SMART goal.

What Is A SMART Goal

To lose weight in a definitive way and not regain it, you have to follow these steps recommended by our psychologist. Design your weight loss action plan based on a SMART goal:


Your objective must be specific, that is, well defined, concrete. For example, ” I want to lose 6 kg.”


It must be measurable: ” I can weigh myself every week on a scale.”


Your goal must be appropriate or feasible. It has to be realistic and adapted to you. ” I can lose 4 kg in a month, but not 40 kg . ”


Your goal should be motivating and important to you. You have to make it your priority and take it seriously if it’s something you really want. ” It is important for me to lose these extra kilos for health or to look good . ”


It is essential that you set a deadline to reach it, for example, a month, because if not, you will never achieve it. “Nothing happens because today I skip the diet …” and so the days will pass and you will continue to see the goal too far, which will frustrate you for not achieving it.

Divide Your Goal Into Phases

  1. When you have the general plan, set short-term goals. In other words, if your ultimate goal is to lose 10 kg, your short-term goal might be to lose 1 kg in a week. When the goal is too big we need to conquer stages little by little. Thus, seeing yourself achieving small goals will give you more strength to continue, because if you have come this far, why not until the end?
  2. Start with small changes. If you’ve never put on your sports shoes, you can’t expect to run 60km tomorrow. Start running for 5 minutes and another 5 for walking, go back to 5 minutes of running and repeat the previous process until you reach 30 minutes. As the days and weeks go by, you will notice how you can gradually increase those 5 min to 10 or 20 … You can design your own exercise plan and consider it as a personal challenge to overcome.
  3. Have you reached any of those goals? !! Congratulations!! You have won an award. Yes, yes, every time you achieve one of those goals: lose 2kg, run 30 min … or whatever you have proposed, you have to give yourself a prize. It does not matter if it is a massage, a book, going to the movies … but you have to enjoy it, because you have done it! Be careful, never reward yourself with food.
  4. It is not just about losing weight, but about acquiring healthy lifestyle habits. So, get your family to collaborate. Start by substituting high-calorie foods or side dishes for legumes, salads, greens or vegetables; Swap out the buns in the pantry for whole wheat bread or oatmeal cereals, for example.
  5. Make the shopping list before leaving home and, once in the supermarket, do not buy anything that is not on it. It does not matter if you have forgotten to put something, you will buy it at another time. This will help you to focus your attention when planning your purchases (and therefore exercise your memory), to be aware of your expenses and to maintain control in front of those croissants that are “calling” you from the bakery section .
  6. Sometimes it is difficult for the family to get involved, but that is what friends are for . Surely you have someone who wants to join that new healthier life plan or who, at least, accompanies you in your change. Ask him, for example, to go shopping with you and not allow yourself to be tempted or go for a run on Mondays and Fridays. Also, so you will see that it is not a “punishment” for you. It’s just about normalizing the new habit.
  7. Do you have such an intense social life that it is impossible for you to follow the diet? Excuses! Okay, you may not have your vegetable stir fry or that grilled cod that you were thinking of for dinner on hand, but surely you have a voice and vote to ask your friends to go to dinner at the new vegetarian or rodicio that they have opened on the corner in Always the old pizzeria place.
  8. Tell your environment that you are in a process of weight loss. This is like when you are out of work, letting your environment know it can help you. For example, this way they will avoid giving you a box of chocolates for your birthday. They can even tell you that what you are doing is working, because they see you much better and that what is your secret, this will add an extra motivation .
  9. Spend a few minutes a day imagining what your life would be like if you reached your goal . Do you like what you see? Do you want it to stop being imaginary and become real? So what are you waiting for? Start now!

Design Your Action Plan To Lose Weight

Next, prepare your Weight Loss Action Plan in 7 simple steps, to do this:

Set a deadline

Look for motivation with a celebration or date set for you. Think of a dress, jacket or pants that you do not fit in and you would like to wear on that date.

Mark your “flying goals”

In the medium and short term that favor reaching small objectives to give you an injection of extra energy such as:

  • “I’m going to eat better, so I’ll stop eating cookies mid-morning.”
  • “I’ll go running on Tuesdays.”
  • “I will reduce the beers on Friday afternoon to just one.”

Set markers to see if you are doing things right

  • “I will weigh myself and measure my contours once a week” (be careful, do not get obsessed, not by weighing yourself more times, the fat will go before).
  • “I will use an application or pedometer that measures the distance I run.”

Write down the difficulties you think you will encounter to achieve success

  • “In two weeks I have lunch with my brothers-in-law and they always make my favorite dish.”
  • “Next month the child is on birthday and I have to make several cakes, it is difficult for me not to fall into the temptation.”

Propose solutions to the difficulties that you raised before

  • “In two weeks I will have lunch with my brothers-in-law”: you can bring some original salads for everyone and so you will have less caloric alternatives.
  • “Next month the child is birthday and I have to make several cakes”: you can substitute some of the cakes for something healthy, tasty and fun, because it is also important that children learn to eat better and so you will have an alternative . Your imagination will help you save these situations and you will feel very good at the end of the day and not having fallen into temptation.

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