Privacy Policy

You may be asked to provide some personal data to this website. Anyways, we promise to keep your information confidential and we will not share it with third party without any legal cause. Hence, you are requested to provide in true and fair information asked by this website because it is asked for improving our services and for facilitating our visitors in the best possible way. You can provide us such information without any doubt or confusion.

Type of data collected:

You may be asked to provide different types of personal data buy this website. Mainly, types of personal data that is asked from you includes first name, last name, usage data, cookies, email address, zip code, postal address, gender, age and country.

Personal data can be collected from two sources. It can either be directly collected from you or our website can automatically collect it through usage data. If you will fail to provide the data requested then we will not be able to provide you any services. If you are not aware about which sort of personal data is compulsory then you are always welcome to contact us. We will guide you thoroughly in this regard.

In addition, use of cookies by us or by third party on our behalf is just for the purpose of providing you required services. Users are responsible for search information published or shared through this website.

How do we process data?

In order to protect unauthorized access or sharing of the personal data of users, the owner of this website takes suitable security measures. Computers or IT enabled tools are used in order to process data and all the procedure is done by following organizational modes and procedures strictly. You don’t need to worry about the leakage of your personal data because entire system is very professional and the security of your personal data is 100% guaranteed. Other than any sort of legal requirements, we do not disclose your information to third party for any sort of unlawful act. In certain cases, certain persons in charge can also access your personal data who are usually involved in operating this website for example sales department, administration Department, marketing department of legal department. In addition, some third parties may also access to data for example technical service providers, hosting providers, mail carriers, communication Agencies and IT companies.

Why do we process data?

The entire purpose of collecting and processing data is to allow the owner to provide the best possible services to the visitors. For examples, cookies and caches will make it easy for you to browse for your mostly or recently searched items.

Besides that, it can be processed because of Tag management, Analytics, Interaction with live chat platforms, SPAM protection and Contacting the user. Some more reasons may include handling payments, content performance and features of thing, interacting with external social platforms, advertising, registration and authentication and managing contacts or sending messages.

All these services are legal and your information is not going to be used for any fraudulent purpose. You can provide your personal data with full confidence.

Facebook Permissions asked by this site:

You may also be ask to provide some Facebook permissions to this website related to your Facebook account so as to retrieve necessary information from there for Example your personal information. Through the service, this website can get connected with the Facebook account of user provided by Facebook Incorporation. In this way, this website can provide you the most relevant data that you usually check on Facebook. It will save your time in browsing your favorite products and hence it will help us to provide you the best services. Permissions that are usually asked from you on Facebook at the following:

Personal basic information– some basic information may be asked from you for example your name, username, gender, picture and location. Certain connections may also be available for example friends of the user. It depends on your Facebook settings that how much data you have made public. If you have more amounts of public data on your Facebook account then you are allowing more information to be accessed by us.

Email address – you will definitely have find out through your email address and hence this website can retrieve your email address from there. Your email address can be used to provide you promotional content and to make you aware of latest Deals and offers.

Page messaging – you may also be provided with the facility to send and receive messages from Facebook page.

You don’t need to worry because all the data that this website will retry from your Facebook account will be kept private and will not be used for any illegal purpose.